Unlock the Magic of the Fort Worth Guitar Guild

The Fort Worth Guitar Guild is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit arts organization that is devoted to the production of classical guitar music. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, the Guild has made a name for itself by nurturing local talent and providing a platform for aspiring guitarists. With the release of their first CD, the Guild is now better equipped than ever to bring the best guitar artists to the city. At the helm of the Guitar Guild are Jeff McFadden, head of the guitar department at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto, and Andrew Zohn, director of the guitar program at Columbus State University. The CD features founder Mitch Weverka playing Le Rossiniane by Mauro Giuliani, a series of six pieces by an Italian virtuoso from the early 19th century based on arias from Rossini's operas. Mitch Weverka recently spoke about the festival and what it's like to be a classical guitarist in a country of rock guitars as part of Art&Seek Q&A.

He explained that he was not looking to compete with rock guitars, but rather wanted to play more often in his hometown of Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Guitar Guild is also renowned for their high-quality guitars. Their volume and tone controls are mounted directly into the sound hole for easy access and a look that won't detract from the guitar's natural beauty. Whether you're searching for your first acoustic guitar or your next classical guitar, ask your sales engineer about Guild. The Fort Worth Guitar Guild is an incredible organization that provides an invaluable service to aspiring musicians. With their commitment to excellence and dedication to cultivating local talent, they are sure to continue to be a leader in classical guitar music for years to come.